20代の福永 将さんが起業した新しい医療系マッチングサービス「xCARE(クロスケア)」。このスタートアップを全面的にサポートしたいという想いで、経営に参画します。




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I started collaboration with xCARE.

A new medical matching service called "xCARE" is being established by Masaru Fukunaga in his 20s. “xCARE" makes it possible to match companies and experts on the web, and easily create virtual work opportunities. Working as a virtual team allows Experts to support companies with much lower labor and other fixed costs.
This is a novel approach that will revolutionize the concept of outsourcing in the healthcare industry and has become the basis for my idea of creating "virtual teams" as my business model.
I am sure that AT International and xCARE will have a win-win relationship, so I will enjoy working with xCARE to provide innovation to patients around the world and improve their QOL.

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