ATインターナショナル 事業開始

医療分野でのイノベーションと、グローバルに活躍する人々のために貢献奉仕するという生涯のテーマ(信条)を起源として、AT International & Co. を起業しました。



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I started my own business, AT International.

I started AT International & Co. with a lifelong commitment to innovation in the medical field and service to people who want to be a global businessperson.
Through a "virtual company," where freelancers, sideline workers, companies, academia, etc. will form teams based on purposes to carry out their work in a virtual space, we hope to create more and more medical innovations that benefit patients around the world.
I hope that this spirit will lead to the joy of patients, which in turn will lead to the success of the businesses of those involved in our work.

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AT International is flexible and responsive to your needs.